Advocating for Safe Communities

First and foremost, we have a right to feel safe and secure in the communities we call home. Crime is on the rise, and yet Albany continues to stand behind a failed bail reform effort which puts criminal rights, ahead of the rights of community-members, crime victims, and their families. We deserve smart, commonsense policies that reform a broken criminal justice system and prioritizes justice for victims. Our local law enforcement also deserves our support, not defunding. We must stop Albany’s pro-criminal agenda, support the police, and listen to our local prosecutors and judges who know what it takes to protect our communities. 

As your State Senator, I will put public safety first and make sure my constituents can enjoy and feel safe in their neighborhoods.

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Creating Jobs through a Better Business Climate

As a mom with young boys, it's critical they have every opportunity to stay in Central New York and build their lives here. That's the driving force behind my work as Vice Chair of Planning and Economic Development for the Onondaga County Legislature. We've increased our population, added hundreds of jobs here, all while the rest of New York State leads the country in the mass exodus of people moving out.  I understand, creating real, meaningful and inclusive economic opportunities requires resetting priorities in Albany. Lowering taxes. eliminating regulations, and competing on the international stage to lure businesses has led Central New York to the verge of a major comeback, but that momentum can be easily blunted by anti-business and anti-growth policies in Albany. We must also leverage our outstanding higher-education assets to both attract and keep young talent right here in Central New York.

Albany's anti-business practices must end so we can reinvent our local economy and create good-paying jobs -- available to everyone-- right here in Central New York.

Affordable Communities For All!

From property taxes and utility bills to prices and the pump and grocery store, people in our community are being chased out and by rising prices everywhere.  Albany is currently flush with cash, yet taxes continue to rise. Families are being forced to make difficult decisions and we deserve better! We need Albany to get to work on real solutions to make our state a place where everyone can afford to live and succeed.


That is why I will continue to fight to lower taxes, oppose irresponsible policies that drive up local costs, and be your strong voice in Albany, not a puppet for the special interests.

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Sustainable Energy

Protecting Our Environment 

I proudly serve as Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee for the Onondaga County Legislature where I have passionately advocated for protecting all of the amazing natural resources we have in Central New York. Whether it be protecting the Skaneateles, Owasco, & Otisco Lake Watersheds, which serves as the source of drinking water for hundreds of thousands in our community or celebrating the amazing comeback of Onondaga Lake, we have a lot to be proud of in Central New York. That is why I will continue to strongly support policies that protect our environment and move us to a greener energy future. Albany needs to advance solutions that protect our waterways and green spaces while reducing our carbon footprint and making energy more affordable for everyone. I will continue to be a passionate voice in that effort!

I am proud to have a pro-environmental record in Onondaga County and will continue to do so in the State Senate.

Supporting Family Farms

Our farm families are the salt of the earth; stewards of our watersheds and Central New York! Agriculture is not only our fresh food supply, but also a major economic engine for New York State and especially in Central New York. Not only do they provide homegrown New York produce but they are responsible for over 200,000 jobs and billions in revenue. Under the Bureaucratic grip of Albany,  our local farmers are now facing unprecedented reregulation challenges that hurt productivity, impede access to environmental grants, and put their futures in jeopardy.  Now more than ever, our agriculture community needs our support. 

As a Central New York leader, I have a proven record of supporting our farmers so they can stay afloat and continue producing healthy and affordable products to feed our state, while implementing positive environmental practices.

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Investing in Our Kids

A child's zip code should not determine their success in life. As a former Skaneateles School Board leader, I'm a tireless advocate for equity in school funding which continues to fall on deaf ears with downstate Albany interests taking priority over our schools. Post-pandemic, our children and teachers are needing resources and support now more than ever.  As County Legislator, I successfully secured  funding that put mental health clinics directly in our schools. We now have over twenty million dollars being invested in the mental wellbeing of our kids in Onondaga County. I will take this passion and advocacy to Albany and fight to make sure these services are available across the State. Investing in our children is, and always will be, the right thing to do.

I will continue my crusade to level the school funding playing field to support Upstate teachers and kids, putting real dollars into support and mental healthcare.